March 1st, 2010


"That's a lot of entertainment." "For five dollars." "For five dollars." No, for THREE dollars!

Coming to Portland this Friday in glorious 35mm:

Thank you, Cort and Fatboy, McMenamin's Bagdad, The Portland Mercury, Things From Another World and!

Three dollars to get in to this near-epic comedy, the film Roger Ebert called "The Sherman Tank of musicals." 21 and older. With LIVE MUSIC before the film, because you've got to have music with The Blues Brothers.
NCC-1701 Regula

Forgotten Drama

Not too long ago I leafed through the old pages from my day planner, planner pages from 2002 or 2005 or some year that is Not Now. On one work day was this note:
Worked, like mad. Literally.
And I have no memory of why my day had been like that. I'd added no clarifying detail. Just the bare fact of having been mad that day.

By the way, oh, I can be mad. It is possible. I'm not mad now. This is good.

No grand point to this, mainly because my current desire to go to sleep is stronger than my desire to write. Just a detail from my past, now shared.