March 11th, 2010

Me 2 (B&W)

Closer to a properly-appointed apartment

More good news: The walls are repaired, patched, painted, and re-shelved. Among the things that had to be taken down in my apartment's emergency maintenance were my bathroom shelves, but today the maintenance guy put them back up. Higher, I think, than they were before, but I can handle that. Mainly I'm glad I can restock my bathroom with more of my bathroom things. They're now less scattered!

More more good news: I'm packing for my weekend in Seattle. Am straightening out what to do before I get there and what to do while I'm there. I didn't mean that last sentence to be so vague, but once I wrote it I liked the sound of it, so it stays.

Means I might have limited to no internet access this weekend, but I'll try to be online when I can and reachable.

(Woo hoo! Travel!)