March 15th, 2010

Cartoon Chris

Now I can be heard! (Emerald City ComiCon: The Voice Posts)

Technology finally worked and the voice posts I recorded while in Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con have appeared on my journal. Want links? Links you shall have! Especially since they got posted in reverse order, but now I've labeled them in the correct order...

Part I of III: In which I've had some hours to acclimate to being in Seattle. This was the morning before I went to the con.

Part II of III: In which I've reached the end of Day One and have some energy left to talk about it, such as hanging out with Keith deCandido and giving a bad idea to Jeph "Questionable Content" Jacques.

Part III of III: In which the people running the con are very nice to me and my Saturday morning blood donation pays off unexpectedly.

There! You may listen, and learn.