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March 19th, 2010

Bless you, David Gerrold

David Gerrold once committed limericks:

Ever since I wrote that damn script for Gene
And the electrical picture machine
Fuzzies have chased their creator
From here to Decatur
No one knows of the tribbles I've seen!

(Quoted from Gerrold's The World of Star Trek, my introduction into the wonderful world of Star Trek fandom)


Whoa, Robert Loggia!

I've just decided there needs to be a drink called The Grimacing Loggia.

He's not grimacing here, but here's some Robert Loggia:

Edited To Add: I've decided "The Grimacing Loggia" could also be an ice-skating move.

Edited Still Again: ixzist For The Win!: "I think "The Grimacing Loggia" sounds like the act of passing an especially large and firm excrement."

A music ponder

I like both bands Blur and Gorillaz. (Which were co-founded by the same guy, Damon Albarn, to explain further for those who need the explanation.)

The one Blur song I'd rather not hear anymore is "Song 2," the "WOO HOO" song with the line "I got my head checked by a jumbo jet."+

"Song 2" may be the Blur song that's closest to seeming like a Gorillaz song.

I have no idea why this occurred to me, but it feels like truth.

Dissenting opinions? Fire away! I can always know more.

+ I'll admit I hated the song less after I heard that one Blur bandmember (I forget who) said something like "People like the song because it's unsophisticated and thuggish." Knowing that the band are self-knowing about it made me feel a little better about it.


Trip prep is happening. Three hours before I plan to hit the road (s00j! stealthcello! The LJ-less (I think) Alec! Tricky Pixie! Family!) and I already have a couple of things in the car. I'm also waiting on two loads of laundry. Once they're done I can do more trip prep.

Slight vent: Someone had left an unloaded load in the dryer, I think overnight. I no longer have (many) qualms about taking out other people's laundry -- plus I do my best to NOT LEAVE MY LOADS WAITING -- but not only am I slightly bothered by people leaving their laundry, I worry that people'll think I'm getting my jollies from handling someone else's clothes. So even with me being the only person in the laundry room, I'll make a big show of not looking at what I'm unloading except in the most glancing way. Sometimes life is performance art.

Meanwhile, it's a purrrrrrty day. Windows are open, stuff's airing out, things are getting clean, and I have a big-ass sandwich (courtesy the appropriately-named Big-Ass Sandwiches) in the fridge awaiting eatening.

In the same city as s00j

Except for slllllllllooooooooooow traffic out of Portland, I have had little problem getting to Olympia. I have directions to the venue and hugs saved up for the musicians!

Bless you all.


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