April 1st, 2010

Good Omens

Homey don't play dat.

For anyone who uses April Fool's Day as an excuse to be mean: I'm glad I'm not you. And you're probably mean plenty of other times, just figuring that you have more license to be so on this day. In that case, I'm even more glad I'm not you.

I'm a serious person. I'm also often a literal person. In the past this has led to me hunkering down on April 1st: not communicating or interacting as much, because I want to limit the chances to be fooled. I'll have plenty of non-fooling things to do today, anyway. I don't wish to be distracted by foolishness.

This has been a serious post.

P.S. As I added on Twitter, "If you use April Fool's Day as an excuse to be a dick, Wil Wheaton will be very, very disappointed in you."
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