April 4th, 2010

Me 2 (B&W)

Kevin Smith would be glad I danced (Mallrats at the Bagdad)

There may have been dancing committed Friday night. Or something that looked like dancing. I haven't yet seen photo proof this happened so you'll just have to trust me. (You do trust me, right?)

The possible dancing may have been caused by pre-func music leading up to the Cort and Fatboy screening of Kevin Smih's Mallrats, 'cause that music was a mix of music from a bunch of Kevin Smith's films, particularly the early ones (from Clerks to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back), and those soundtracks' songs do often make we want to groove, bust a move, flail or otherwise move my moneymaker. And dancing should be a renewable resource, because there should always be more of it, so I did. Maybe. Again, please trust me.

Again, dancing was needed.

So was laughing, and yep, I laugh a lot when watching Mallrats. At least one friend would be horrified at this, and at least one friend would be fully supportive of this; it's a polarizing movie, but in a way it may be the ideal film of Smith's to show at midnight. Clerks may be too low-key and lo-fi; Chasing Amy, Clerks II, and Zack and Miri Make a Porno (his only film I haven't seen yet) are even more polarizing films in their way; Dogma probably doesn't have the right tone to be watched with a crowd that late; Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back has been seen plenty on the big screen by Smith's fanbase; and Jersey Girl is Jersey Girl, and a story about losing the most important person in your life may not go over well in the small hours of the night. Mallrats, on the other hand, is one of his more purely wacky flicks, and most of its fans never saw it on the big screen, so it was an ideal choice by Cort and Bobby. Thanks, men.

It's also a sexy flick. Not just because of the nudity (even though it's still Smith's only film to have it, if I remember correctly only Zack and Miri also had nudity), but because it mostly has fun with sex: good sex, bad sex, awkward sex, public sex, sex for research purposes (including taking notes during it!). Kevin Smith clearly likes sex and thinks about it a lot -- and, based on his Twitter feed, gets it a lot -- and is a sex-positive person. A lot of teen comedies aren't as sex-positive as Mallrats is.

Oh, crap, I'm starting to head towards deep analysis of a film with a gag involving a nipple where there shouldn't be one. Am I going in a bad direction? Keep reading to find out!

So. Mallrats was seen by a few hundred Portlanders Friday night. We appreciated the charisma bombs that Jason Lee was dropping in what was his first high-profile role (his only film experience before Mallrats had been a few minutes onscreen in Allison Anders's Mi Vida Loca. We remembered how quick-talking actors have to be in Kevin Smith flicks; is Mallrats his film with the fastest-spoken dialogue? We reminisced about Magic Eye posters and were amused by their use as a plot point. For the record, I NEVER SAW A THING IN THOSE POSTERS. I feel like I missed out on a key Nineties thing. Argh. We cheered Stan Lee's cameo, especially when he appeared in drawn form in the opening credits. We had fun. Food- and beer- fueled fun.

We also manfully resisted reciting Jay's "Snnochie Boochies!" What happened was, when introducing the flick, Cort and Fatboy asked us just to recite lines for a minute, get it out of our system. Some of us did. Cort and Fatboy then pointed out that most people, including them, couldn't understand what we were saying. "You think you have soemthing funny, and to everyone else it sounds like 'RarghGlarghFarg,'" Cort said (approximate quote.) I realized they were right. It sounds like we're reciting "Paralyzed" by the Legendary Stardust Cowboy, I thought. During the film, reciting and back-talking to the screen: kept to a minimum. Mainly we laughed.

The pre-film entertainment, after the aforementioned dance-causing music, was the video to Afroman's "Because I Got High"+ -- and hey, considering that Kevin Smith is now an out-and-proud pot smoker, whereas when Afroman did that song for Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back he wasn't, does Smith consider that song anti-pot propaganda now? -- his Clerks short "The Flying Car," and the court episode of Clerks: The Animated Series. Which I may write about in its own entry, as I have Thoughts.

And this is all true. (In other words, So... that happened.)

+ P.S. to Mom and Dad: you don't want to click on the video for "Because I Got High." Not your thing. Which you probably guessed.

What better way to celebrate Jeff Bridges's Oscar win??!

It's never too early to announce the next Cort and Fatboy Midnight Movie:

Drawn by Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts, by the way.

Friday, May 7th, Bagdad Theater and Pub, tickets $3, sponsored by the Portland Mercury, Things From Another World, and pdx.fm. More details (I almost wrote "deets") to come.

Disclaimer: Due to circumstances beyond Cort and Bobby's control -- i.e. their getting fired by their former media bosses -- there will NOT BE a March of the Lebowskis this year. This is due to liability issues, and a year ago the station they were working for at the time was still owned by CBS Radio, which could assume the liability (and it makes sense; the first year of the march, there was a car crash). But if other cities wish to attempt to take up the mantle and march in honor of this movie, go for it...
Whale fluke

I have an assignment!

Not only will I read Sue Grafton's A Is For Alibi, to see if I want to read that series, I have an assignment my folks have given me: if there were a TV series or a movie about Grafton's heroine Kinsey Millhone, who do I think should play her?

"If you say Angelina Jolie, you're banned from this house," Dad said.
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Time for a week.

Time to sleep, first off.

Later, it will be time to work, and to eat, and to visit friends, and to watch cool TV (Lost at the Bagdad again!), and to write, and to be interesting for the sake of interesting people who think I am interesting. And the interesting people who think you all are interesting. As you are.

See you later.