April 6th, 2010

Whale fluke

The Rough Draft of Air

(That title: it must mean something. I hope I find it.)

Remnants of last night's winds remain here. It got blustery; power-knocked-out-to-at-least-8,500-people blustery. (My power stayed on.) Cloud-wisps are moving fast past my window. I am thankful there is enough light in the sky at this hour for me to see them.

This is a post wherein I, mainly, check in and say "Hi, I'm still here." Excuse me, now I'm off to ignore radio commercials that annoy me. A fair number of them do. I'm willing to turn off the radio when they run, then turn it back on after they've passed. I think I'm being more careful to avoid annoyance. I hope I'm also avoiding being annoying.

Stay warm, everyone in places that are still trying to get warm.
Whale fluke

"This doesn't matter. None of this matters. All that matters is that we felt it."

Tonight's Lost made me wonder, more than once, if tonight's episode of Lost was going to make me cry.

That show can hit me emotionally now while also going through all those plot gymnastics it's notorious for, and this episode had both emotional hits and a plethora of plot points. The people who make this show really think a lot about love, and this episode had a lot to do with that. I was going to say "of course it would be more emotional," but if the writers were bad writers, it wouldn't have an impact. (Imagine Ed Wood trying to write about love. He could probably feel it, he almost certainly couldn't convey it through words or images.) This did. Have an impact, I mean. Really moody episode, in a way I appreciated, and I hope talking about the freakin' mood isn't a spoiler. Well done, Lost writers and producers who mess with us. I'll keep going along with the rest of your messing-with-us.
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