April 9th, 2010

NCC-1701 Nebula 2

An odd energy

How much stress is in the world right now? More than usual? The average? Probably not less.

For many of my friends, today has been like slicing avocados with their eyelashes: difficult, awkward, messy, requiring the wrong kind of effort and having almost no reward. In other, simpler words, today for many people has sucked.

Kind of a maddening, rushing day for me. Work was a scramble. Some of it for good reasons, some of it for reasons that are difficult for some of us in the office. I've been vegging since. Taking it easy. I plan to keep my weekend low-key. A not-spend-too-much weekend, in honor of a paycheck half of what it normally is because the pay period I just got paid for included a full week off. (I knew the job was dangerous when I took it the smaller paycheck would be a side effect of my nice vacation last month; I accepted that and went on; and I'll just deal with it now. Besides, I have home stuff to do.

Still thinking about the amount of stress people I know are experiencing. As if existence has it in for them and is being mean to them. I shall endeavor to be even less-mean than usual. While wishing I could be in there in person for more than one friend of mine, so I could at least be a soothing presence near them. Apparently I can be soothing. Maybe it's a superpower.

*emits de-stress beams from his eyes*

*many people suddenly feel better*

*gobs of people emit simultaneous sighs of relief*

*many other people orgasm*

Oo! Imagine it and make it be!

...and feel better, many people I know and like.