April 11th, 2010


Peregrination, takes coordination

Actually, walking doesn't take all that much coordination. One foot in front of the other? I've been doing that since age, what, 1? (Now I'm flashing on my brother talking about learning to dance, because he said "I have the coordination of a cross-country runner, which means anything more complicated than left, right, left, right, I get a little lost.")

Anyway. My big accomplishment yesterday? Walking. With, at first, no particular place to go. Then a why not? flash made me decide to walk and bus up to the Hollywood Things From Another World, an easy two-bus trip. Aaron Duran works there now, occasionally getting to act ornery and yell "This isn't a library!" (He has said something similar, but less harsh, seriously to a mom who brought her kid to the store because her kid wanted to read entire graphic novels and she wasn't paying for them. "The library is just a few blocks over, they have a lot of that stuff," he told her. Turns out -- trivia! I did not know that! -- that the Portland area's own Dark Horse Comics actually donates a lot of comic collections to Multnomah County Library, so Dark Horse, for instance, is well represented and gives the library the chance to spend money on other publishers' comics.)

Trying to spend very little this weekend (short paycheck this period), I was good and kept my TFAW buying to a single issue of the Marvel Comics adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand; yes, I can enter a comic shop and buy one comic, as that was what I could afford out-of-pocket. Got dinner at Burgerville later, so I did spend more, but I wanted to make sure I got fed after my dose of LotsaWalkin. (Because after TFAW and a detour to one of those aforementioned libraries, I then walked the 31 blocks from the Belmont Library to the 12th and Hawthorne Burgerville. Portland is the sort of town where it's easy to do this. Hey, nice day for a walk, if slightly brisk. But -- hey! -- walking makes it feel less brisk!)
Blow My Mind


Today I have to do my taxes.

I am trying to remind myself that my taxes are pretty frickin' simple to figure out. This isn't stopping me from avoiding it.

(Or from avoiding my census form, which is EVEN EASIER. And which I also told myself to get done this weekend.)

Don't mind me. I'm Having A Moment.

(Avoidance SUCKS.)
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Whale fluke

Ah, something lighter

It occurred to me that as much as I like Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Buffy and Angel, the shows I've been working through on DVD on and off for the last couple of years, they're often pretty intense shows. I want something lighter.

Two things have been done towards that goal: 1) I finally took The Sopranos Season 1 off of my shelf last weekend and took it back to Mom and Dad, from whom I'd borrowed it. One less intense show to watch for now. 2) I put a library hold on Season 1 of Leverage. There. That should help. (I'd seen one full episode plus glimpses of Leverage Season 1, but then my building's cable selection got halved and I no longer got TNT.)

And after that, there'll be Season 2, the first one shot in Portland and one I've seen nothing of yet, beyond a couple of encounters with the crew here. But lighter entertainment will reach me! Just later! (I'm 84th in line for the DVD set. I can wait.)