April 16th, 2010

Whale fluke

Say anything

If you're a friend, an acquaintance or a passerby reading this journal, I'm encouraging you to say something: a quick hello, a question, something random, whatever. Anonymous is fine, even, though I would appreciate if anyone doing so signs at least a first name or nickname to it.

What would you like to say?
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Whale fluke


Tired Chris is tired.

This has been a long week, mainly due to work, with a long week last week and the chance of work this weekend due to a deadline. I was already feeling pretty rushed about the job on Monday, when I was preparing to shower and got thinking about the office. (Prompting my Twitter comment "New guideline, Chris: Try not to think about work while naked.")

And I'm feeling a little cut off from people. A problem is that at the moment, being social is both needed and a little tiring. I'll see what I can do about that this weekend; I could use some friend-time. I hope in-town friend time. Ideally with hugs.

In other words, I need some contact. That's why there's my "say anything" entry this morning. And I wanted to be able to admit that I need -- and want -- some contact.

I'm working on that.
TOS: NCC-1701

Naps and Gorillaz make many things better

Thank you for the replies earlier, y'all.

My day? Survivable. Long day; actually got a lot done, but was tired for much of it. Actually took a nap this evening, because I want to treat myself, and right now somehow "treat myself" translates into "Go to Big-Ass Sandwiches for their late-night hours and watch the drunk people."

My napping music was Plastic Beach by Gorillaz. I'm liking it. Not a singles-heavy album (so far just "Stylo" has been released that way, and I can only imagine "Some Kind of Nature" with Lou Reed also being radio-friendly), but I groove to it, including lines like "I'm a scary gargoyle on a tower, that you made with plastic power... your rhinestone eyes are like factories far away..." And "Superfast Jellyfish" is delightfully disgusting about bad, bad food.

Oh, backing up to good news: I'm getting some federal and state tax money back. I always feel a little relieved when that happens. I've only owed taxes once that I can remember, and that time I owed about 17 bucks.

To make this entry a little more random, I'll skip to the weather: today got actually, honestly warm. Yes! And not too cold in the morning, either, as opposed to a couple of mornings ago when it was mid-30s followed by almost 60 in the afternoon. This area is lucky in that it doesn't have 10-minute-long springs like some areas have, and I will do my best to enjoy the spring-ish weather.