May 4th, 2010

NCC-1701 Regula

I wanna whine

May shouldn't be this cold! At least not in the middle of the Northern Hemisphere.

Snow was forecast for 1,500 feet yesterday -- pretty low by Oregon standards at this time of year, in fact. I'm lower, but still, I don't want 40s right now. (I don't want the 40s that you drink, either, but that's something else.) At least I'm not in Hillsboro, which is in the 30s. IN MAY. (Or in space. It is very cold in space.)

It'll warm up. It'll warm up. I can always think warm thoughts, too. And I know we're not having it as badly as other parts of the world; Nashville's had some heartbreaking weather. I'm just cranky and whining.
Blow My Mind

Back to Lost

Another one of the increasingly few new episodes of Lost tonight. Which I'll watch at the Bagdad again, tonight. And -- bonus! -- I'm not sick, like I was for part of last Tuesday. I'd considered watching last week's repeat, as it was the "how has Richard not aged?" episode that I hadn't seen in March, but I realized I didn't have enough brain to watch Lost. I put Glee on in the background instead. I should be ready for more Lost tonight, though.
TOS: NCC-1701

It's not every day...

...that a 747 gets put on a roof.

That video was shot Sunday morning in McMinnville, Oregon, as the construction company I work for used two cranes to lift a 747 onto the roof of a future water park. This park will include water slides that go FROM THE 747 into the building.

By the way, this is happening right next to the building that houses the HK-1 Hercules Flying Boat, a.k.a. the Spruce Goose. The owner of that museum is expanding the complex to include more neat stuff like, well, this.