May 10th, 2010

Me 2 (B&W)

Mother's Day with the folks

First, caring to share: last night I blogged about Friday's Big Lebowski screening.

This weekend was a low-maintenance one. Saturday was for resting, post-Friday screening; I didn't even leave the apartment, just read, watched last year's Star Trek film, and napped when I wanted to. Sunday wasn't much more strenuous. I did drive out to Dundee, where the shadows dwell no, where Mom and Dad live, and I had brunch with them. Did laundry, too. And my brother and his family called to wish Mom a happy Mother's Day.

The last thing we did before I headed home was take a short road trip to the Evergreen Air Venture Museum, to see in person its latest coolness: not only does one building hold the Hercules HK-1 Flying Boat, a.k.a. the "Spruce Goose," a new in-progress building is now topped with a 747. The building will be a water park and interactive exhibit, with water slides emerging from the side of the plane. The 747 was lifted into position on Sunday, May 2nd, when the weather cooperated. This is, as I've heard, only the second 747 to be stored off the ground like this. This is cool.