May 17th, 2010

Blow My Mind

Delirious From Sneezing is my new band name.

E-mailed in sick to work this morning. I'm going to call in sick in a bit to cover my bases. I'm sneezy, low-energy, and feeling contagious, so seeing other people in person is a bad idea right now. Apparently I'm still funny even when sick, though, so I've got that going for me. Which is nice.

More sleep soon. My sleep last night involved dreams that involved Survivor contestants and grilled sandwiches. Don't ask me why. (I did watch a bit of this season's finale, even though I barely watched this season. Some finale moments were laugh-out-loud funny, but that may have been my sick mind laughing.)
Whale fluke

Meme, Day 1!

I got this via octoberland and kradical, and -- why not? it gets me writing -- I'll start answering. The following are 30 movie questions and 30 TV questions to answer over the next 30 days.

Movies: Day 01 - The best movie you saw during the last year

Among new films, probably either Coraline or District 9. Insanely, in a year that had 10 Best Picture nominees at the Academy Awards, District 9's the ONLY nominee I've seen so far!

In revival showings, probably The Iron Giant, at Cort and Fatboy's January screening.

TV: Day 01 - A show that should have never been canceled

I'm tempted to say a TV show that shouldn't have been ALMOST canceled: Babylon 5 almost wasn't going to get its planned fifth season, so J. Michael Straczynski accelerated the storytelling in Season 4 to get to the climax that he had planned. And when it did get renewed, jms had to scramble to create the story that would be told over that fifth season, and I think that permanently hobbled the season. The fifth season was worthwhile for only three episodes: the final finale (the one with jms's sole onscreen cameo), the Neil Gaiman one and, less obviously, the new Season 4 finale that Straczynski did, the one with the flash-forwards to 100, 500 and 1,000 years after the events of the show. I wish the show had had its fifth season guaranteed from the start.

But that's not really what the meme is asking, so here's a more standard answer: the 1998-1999 ABC program Cupid. Rob Thomas, the future creator of Veronica Mars, created it, and Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshall starred, and it was about the nature of love and it was dramatic and it was FUNNY. I'd go as far as to say that Cupid did not have a single bad episode; even the similarly truncated Firefly had at least one bad show. I was moved to donate to a "save Cupid!" drive when the show was threatened with cancellation. It went towards a planned ad that would've run in a Hollywood trade paper saying "Don't Give Up On Love!"; when news came down that Cupid was doomed no matter what, the organizers (with the OK of us who donated) gave the money to the Elizabeth Glaser AIDS Foundation instead. (Irony of ironies, the final episode of Cupid aired the week of Valentine's Day...maybe Valentine's Day itself, if I remember right.)

Later, the issue got confused with A) Simon Cowell producing a brief-lived completely different show with the same title and B) Rob Thomas getting to reboot Cupid a year ago, with a new cast but somewhat haphazardly updated scripts, and that didn't last. So I have to explain what the heck Cupid was. And I still think it's a shame that Paula Marshall, who I immediately liked, didn't have a successful show until (and this is relatively speaking) the sitcom Gary Unmarried.

The rest of the meme questions for future reference:

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Me 2 (B&W)

Function: returning

While I'm not 100% yet, this afternoon I did feel up to showering, dressing, and then walking. I went to the nearest pharmacy and got cold medicine, and because I felt like having someone else feed me tonight I got a Subway sandwich, then headed home.

I needed this day off. And in the nice-timing-for-me department, it didn't start drizzling until I was home.

Medicine, do what you do so I feel more like me...
Blow My Mind

Cold meds

Well, THAT didn't take long to knock me for a loop.

I'm glad I did any in-depth writing before taking the drugs. I'm feeling less coherent as time goes on. Sleeping a LOT is my priority now.

(Please God oh please God don't let this be the last entry I ever write...)

Yeah. I'm not used to drugs.

Here's to feeling better tomorrow! That's the point!
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