May 20th, 2010


Meme, Day 4!

Day 04 - A movie that makes you sad

The waste of talent that was Wild Wild West. Really. I said so back in '99.

Day 04 - Your favorite show ever

This is a tough one. A real eye-opener for me was the American version of Max Headroom back in the mid-80s: dystopian, interestingly cynical and funny, and able to make the real world look slightly futuristic (the show's slogan was "Twenty Minutes Into The Future"). The second-to-last episode, where reporter Edison Carter gets hooked on a virtual-reality drug (that's the simplest way to describe it) and his usually flighty alter ego Max Headroom has to talk him back to reality, could've been a brilliantly dark final episode of the series had it been switched with the real final episode and re-edited so that the company from New Tokyo did buy Carter's network.

I got wrapped up in that show, really savoring it. That was one of the first times I did so with a show. It likely paved the way for me getting similarly wrapped up in Twin Peaks a few years later.
Me 2 (B&W)

The Humdrum Conundrum (yes, stolen shamelessly from Bloom County)

Right now, I don't feel very interesting.

But: what's the rule? To be interesting, be interested. I can be interested! So when I am interested, does this put me in a state of being interesting/being not interesting? Simultaneously? Being all Schroedinger's Schlump?

*brain explodes from illogic, like on the original Star Trek*


Stay interesting, all y'all.
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Lesser Books

I AM HAVING WAY TOO MUCH FUCKING FUN ON MY TWITTER FEED. Some of my contributions to "Lesser Books":
The Old Man and the Sleep
ICKED by Gregory Maguire
'X' Is For Xenon
Stephen King: On Writhing
East of Ed
The Loin, the Itch and the Gloryhole
THE ILLIAD (as retold by The Beastie Boys)
The Reheated Roget's Thesaurus
Where the J. Geils'd Things Are
Nicholson Baker's VOX IN SOCKS