May 22nd, 2010

NCC-1701 Regula

Meme, Day 6!

Day 06 - Favorite made for TV movie
Quite possibly 1971's Duel, the first feature-length film Steven Spielberg directed. I'm also fond of 1990's The Dreamer of Oz, a biopic about Wizard of Oz creator L. Frank Baum, which starred John Ritter and Annette O'Toole; that may have been the first time I saw what else Ritter could do as an actor. By the way, both films were written by Richard Matheson, who wrote I Am Legend, The Incredible Shrinking Man and quite a lot of the original Twilight Zone.

I'll give one more answer and say that while I haven't seen it since its original airing, so I don't know whether or not it holds up, I really liked the fantasy miniseries The Tenth Kingdom. Here's slight blasphemy: I think it worked better than Shrek.

Day 06 - Favorite episode of your favorite TV show
I'll assume this means "current favorite." And as wrapped up in Lost I am right now, I'll go with that. Maybe the most recent emotional high point of Lost was the "zap Desmond and see what happens" episode. The near-drowning, the memories of love re: Penny, and a smiling Desmond prepared at the end to do really, really tough stuff... holy crap. Extra roller-coastery, that night, in a way that made me go DO IT TO ME.
Whale fluke


I briefly thought I smelled the smell of wet dog.

I've smelled wet dogs. I often smelled a wet dog named Sophie. She was my family's yellow lab from 1990, when she was 2, to July 2004, when we gently helped her pass away. We got her when a co-worker of my dad's got divorced and needed to move to a smaller place; the co-worker had room for only one of his two dogs, and Dad had wanted a yellow lab, and we are indeed dog people in my family, so...

My high school-age self knew nothing of this until the BOLLUMPH BOLLUMPH BOLLUMPH of seemingly more than four feet pounding the floor came echoing through our house and up our second-floor stairs one afternoon in early 1990, because Sophie had arrived and was exploring her new home and was seeing and smelling all these new things and new people and was all Dug-y. "I JUST MET YOU AND I LOVE YOU!" (Oh, and I've had Dug and Up on my mind since yesterday, too.) Sophie was not wet that time. She was wet plenty of times afterward. As dogs get.

Sophie became a 75-pound lap dog. (We have photo proof of this somewhere.) Very affectionate and funny dog. Not bright, but you can't have everything. I helped with her care, running her and walking her and throwing balls and Frisbees for her. She stayed puppy-like and enthusiastic for quite a long time, and stayed adorable past that stage.

Wet dog is a very particular smell. You smell it, you don't forget it. Not too hard to be reminded of it, even at a moment by yourself years after the wet dog you've known the best has died.
"The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog." -- Ambrose Bierce
You're easy to remember, Sophie. I'm smiling right now.
Blow My Mind

I cringed. And I *LIKED* Grease.

Grease is the word hitting theaters as a sing-along.

The trailer (I won't embed, as a favor to friends who don't like Grease) shows HOW it's been made into a sing-along. It also shows that -- at least in the trailer -- the original footage has been futzed with, too. As a friend pointed out, there are lens flashes where there weren't any before, some of the projected lyrics are in that Garfield-style font (and are animated in often silly ways), and -- here's where things turn blissfully ridiculous -- all of the cigarettes have been digitally erased.

This makes a strange kind of sense. The MPAA considers "smoking" as one of its ratings criteria now. Would the film need to be resubmitted for a rating if the cigs were there? But I digress. (Plus I was trying to make this paragraph funny, and cripes I feel unfunny right now it's resisting, so I'll drop it.)

Of course, erasing the cigs means that hands are still doing smoking-like actions. Actors LOVE smoking, or at least pretending to smoke. Don't actors really like doing stuff with their hands, like Law & Order witnesses still washing dishes as they talk to cops? And you can tell so much about characters by how they handle their hands, which is always happening when they smoke. Remember Pacino lighting the guy's cigarette outside of the hospital in The Godfather? You learn SO MUCH about him then!

So now people are holding two fingers close to their lips with nothing there. Sick minds, activate! What could they do if their fingers are that close to their mouths? BUT THEY DON'T, because it's a PG movie (well, maybe PG-13 once you factor in the smoking) and their fingers are SPLAYED for NO REASON.

Good thing I have a "Blow My Mind" icon for such moments, right?

Silly, silly, silly.