May 26th, 2010

Whale fluke

I've got a theory

So it was pondered on Twitter: The Lost island had polar bears. HOW?

And theories came to my mind, like obviously maybe the Dharma people smuggled them there because they had a thing for bears, but then it hit me:

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P.S. I still chuckle at the Lost line "Ahhh, you got a fish biscuit!"
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Whale fluke

A Peek at the Moon

Near-full moon, just over the next apartment complex's roof, artfully crossed by branches' shadows, and bringing what seems like pure, if subdued, light.

It is a sight to spur pondering.

And, of course, there is always much to think about.


Taking the day off from the "60 movie and TV questions" Q-&-A thing. I want a brief break from it.


Message to two particular friends: you guys are REALLY in my thoughts at the moment. That is among the "much to think about." May this work for the both of you.

Peace, all of you.