May 31st, 2010

Whale fluke


Most of us will never be to war. I haven't. The closest I've come to being in the military is growing up a Navy brat. It's a very particular species of military experience (I have to cite it when donating blood to the Red Cross, because military families often live overseas), but it'll never be the same as learning what to do with weapons.

I've never learned what to do with weapons. My dad has. I remain glad that he never had to use that training in an all-out war. (War happens; we can hope that being prepared for war makes it more likely that fighting won't be as bad as it could be. There has not been a world war in 65 years. We've had many horrible, ugly conflicts in that time; still, knowing we are capable of globe-spanning conflict may have made the chance of such a global conflict happening again less likely.)

Many people have had, and used, that training. Even with the war- and war-related stories I've read, I know I can't truly imagine being a part of such events. I'm blessed in many ways, including knowing and reading people who have been veterans and who can convey to those like me what it is like to fight.

It's time to think of the many people are no longer with us who have fought, who have protected the people who they love, who have fought for the countries and ideals that they love, who have thought about the need for conflict, who have joked about their situation -- military humor is an especially needed kind of humor -- because, by fighting and sometimes by dying, they need and deserve our remembrance.

Bless you, those who have done what I have not had to do.

Happy Memorial Day.

P.S. Worth reading: puppetmaker40's thoughts for the day.
Whale fluke

A moment from the party Saturday night

I and a guy who's wondered if he's turning into a Luddite are watching a couple of people play with a fold-out cell phone.
Me: And when the keyboard folds out, it makes a Transformers sound.

Him: See, I don't even know if you're fucking with me.
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TOS: NCC-1701

Meme, Day 12!

Day 12 - A movie that you hate
Pretty Woman. Wrong movie at that moment for my mood, and I immediately went sour on it. (And that's even with having a thing for Laura San Giacomo.) Also What About Bob?, the rare time I watched something and kept thinking Why is this funny?

Day 12 - An episode you’ve watched more than 5 times
Star Trek: The Next Generation's "Darmok," where Picard must deal with an alien captain (Paul Winfield) whose language can only be translated as a series of metaphors. That episode hit me hard. I saved a tape of it. My friend the late, great Mike Pearl never really "got" the episode, but knew not to question me about it.
Flavored Calories.

A first

Those may have been the first ribs I ever cooked for myself.

Grocery shopping yesterday afternoon, I saw meat specials and picked up two dollars' worth of baby back ribs. Obviously not a lot of ribs (far from a half-rack; maybe an eighth-rack? A sixteenth?), but enough for me. Didn't cook it last night, so I cooked it this afternoon. Kind of a stove-top broil: put it in my largest pan, poured in water, topped the top of the meat with pepper, cilantro (from a container, because I'm lame and don't chop my own) and smoked chipotle Tabasco (a nice touch; I like that sauce) and covered it for that heat-circulation thing. Cooked fries (steak fries! Appropriate!) in another pan. I think I cooked it enough... ;-)

My belly is happy. That helps with overall happy.
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Me 1

The party was NEAR my pants!

Oh, as you probably guessed from this, I was at a party Saturday night.

I hung out with Scott Dally (of Geek in the City Radio, which he co-hosts with Aaron Duran) and his significant other -- or, in Bloom County terms, snugglebunny -- Lily Charron, both of whom are pieces of work and neat and things like that. It was a party for both Scott's 40th birthday and their house, which they moved into a couple of months ago. It was a house-warming, as houses need warmth.

Fortuitously, I got there because my friends Dawn and Patrick drove right past the bus stop where I was waiting and picked me up. Even further fortuitously, they didn't have the exact address of the place, and I did, so getting there was easier for all of us!

It's a cozy house in SE Portland, near 50th and Foster if you know the geography. (Further description: 50th and Foster is the site of a Taco Bell, a Burger King and a Taco Time (in a former KFC). I call it Cholesterol Corner. But I digress...) Slightly larger than the former home of my friends Matt and Gerrie, with a similar footprint but with a second floor; it made me appreciate more that the Portland homes where my grandparents lived for decades are actually pretty large. Scott and Lily's is large enough to have three bedrooms and room for the 20 to 30 people who were there without feeling crowded. Helped that the weather was nice and conducive to being outside, too.

We all ate well: barbecued brisket and pork, stuffed mushrooms (especially good), potato salad, expected barbecue snacks, adult beverages. We also all discussed well: most of the guests are students of pop culture. Later there was poker playing, which I'll assume was good playing because I don't play cards and can't judge the quality of playing, but the players were having a blast. (And I had a long chat with one of the Midnight Movie crowd, and he gave me food for thought, relationship-wise. Good conversation, if sometimes frustrating. Now I know a little more about the impression I give in person...)

Among the late arrivals were Rick Emerson and his wife Lara (pronounce it LAH-ruh, because getting names correct is a sign of respect). Their arrival was a nice Portland detail: they didn't have Scott and Lily's exact address, either, so they went on a more general description they had of the place, which could be boiled down as A house on [that street] decorated with Star Wars toys plus people playing poker. Rick and Lara found another house nearby that was decorated with Star Wars toys and people were playing poker, only they didn't recognize the players 'cause they didn't know them. "This is the greatest block ever!" Rick later said he thought.