June 1st, 2010


Meme, Day 13!

Day 13 - A movie that is a guilty pleasure
I still get a kick out of Hudson Hawk. Goofy and crazy, and I love Michael Kamen's score; it sounded like he had more fun on this than Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, which he did around the same time on a more insane schedule. (From delivery of a mostly-finished cut of Robin Hood that he could look at to when Kamen had to have the score finished was three-and-a-half weeks. The film has around two hours of music. He brought in a bunch of young Turks, including future Batman: The Animated Series composer Lolita Ritmanis and future Matrix scorer Don Davis, to help him write enough notes to finish in time.)

My Hudson Hawk fondness probably comes from seeing it before the reviews came out! I saw it at a Thursday night preview with my brother and his friend Rob Owen, who's now the TV critic at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and had been our high school paper's entertainment editor. I liked the flick and decided it was good dumb fun, and I could get behind that. Then the hate descended. "The multi-talentless Bruce Willis," began one review... But I've run into it on TV since then and I still watch it and get amused by it.

Day 13 - Favorite childhood show
May have been Land of the Lost. Gee, you surprised I'm now both a fan of science fiction and Survivor? ;-) I don't plan to re-watch Land of the Lost, I hear it REALLY doesn't hold up, but it was trying for something more in-depth than "Hey! Wacky animals!"
Good Omens

Still wondering "Why do you cry?"?

Question for the ages posed in the next Cort and Fatboy Midnight Movie:

I can't really overstate how fond I am of this movie. Have been since 1991. Was already a James Cameron fan and supporter, and a sucker for time-travel stories, and hot for Linda Hamilton, and in my first full year of having virtually unlimited access to films thanks to being 17 and with a car. Oh yes I saw this that summer, and often grinned big while watching its enormous action insanity.

Now I can see it on the big screen again! This Friday (June 4th) at the Bagdad (and that's a BIG screen, understand), doors at 10:00, film at 11:00, thanks to the good offices of Cort, Fatboy, their broadcasting platform pdx.fm, and The Portland Mercury.