June 9th, 2010

NCC-1701 Nebula 1

Meme, Day 21!

Day 21 - Favorite action movie
Possibly Aliens by James Cameron. Sadly and strangely, it's still the only Alien film I have not seen in a theater -- I saw the third and fourth in their original runs, and saw the re-edited first film on the big screen a few years ago -- but I hope to rectify that lack of see-age. It's the Alien sequel that, to me, continues the Alien universe in a way that made the most sense. I love that people speculated in the past year that Aliens and Cameron's Avatar could take place in the same universe.

I also was happy back in the day with the Aliens comics that Dark Horse published before Alien3 came out. Those were the comics where Newt survives to adulthood -- and grows into a rather fetching young woman, I'll admit -- and teamed up with the scarred-but-still-living Hicks for renewed adventures. At least those stories have been told, even though they were knocked out of consideration of continuity by both Newt and Hicks dying in the third film.

Day 21 - Favorite ship
That's short for "relationship," to explain to certain of my readers. Could be romantic, could be friendly, could be antagonistic, or at least I'll let myself imagine it's so. I love how reporter Edison Carter and computer-trapped doppelganger Max Headroom -- both played by the great Matt Frewer -- relate to each other in Max Headroom. Antagonistic and co-dependent and stunned that they both came from the same person, or shall we say the same personality. Makes it a wonderful, unsettling payoff when Max has to be the responsible one and talk Edison Carter out of the addictive alternate reality Edison's trapped in. It's Max Headroom outside of his comfort zone, which he rarely did. Interesting dynamics.
Whale fluke

Sleeping this off

SLIGHT sick feeling this morning. Feels more like a "sleep this off in a couple of hours" sick instead of [insert horrifying images of sickness here]. This seems mild, in other words: a stomach unsettled enough that I'm taking a little more time at home. I hope I feel better soon, and up for work later.
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