June 16th, 2010

Whale fluke

Hey, body:

You do like sleeping, don't you? Don't you know waking up a full hour before you have to is more than a little counterproductive? You, and, by extension, me, could've been sleeping all that time. I didn't feel up to just getting out of bed then, so I tried to rest, but even if I had gotten back to sleep then there would be the re-waking up.

Yeah, I am not bright-eyed or bushy-tailed this morning.

My people.

Last night, I got further exposure to My People (yay), because I went up to the bar called Vendetta for the first time in months to attend Geek Trivia Night. Last time I went it was winter, dark and cool. Last night it was near-summer, light and...cool. (Weird weather this year, still.) I fell out of the habit of going to Geek Trivia Night when the last season of Lost started showing the same night, but I made it a point to get back.

Portland geek power couple Kaebel Hasitani and Merrick Monroe were the hosts and question-writers, and their questions were frequently BRUTAL. As in "cries of pain from the audience" brutal. (My team didn't do well, but I was proud of getting the questions about Max Headroom and Bound. And considering I hadn't even planned to play last night, I did better than no points!)

The next Geek Trivia Night (Tuesday, June 29th, also at 7:00 p.m.) will be brutal-er still, as Cort and Fatboy are really banging their brain out coming up with trivia questions that allow for no wiggle room. Each answer will be, if they manage it, THE ONLY POSSIBLE ANSWER so that no one can say "The answer COULD also be that!!!" The stakes are higher next time because the grand prize will be getting a paid trip to the enormous geek event San Diego Comic Con. I'm not trying for the grand prize -- I don't know enough trivia, and San Diego would almost certainly be Too Big an event for me -- but the next trivia night should at least be very, very entertaining.

Plus, of course, it's full of My People.