June 28th, 2010



How best to commemorate this Friday's Portland screening of one big explode-y film?

With this!

I told the person who assembled this masterpiece "You misspelled 'tyranny,' I mean 'independence.'"

That's my Friday night: Inde-freakin'-pendence Day, in all its aspoldey glory on the big screen for the first time in over a decade, presented by Cort and Fatboy, PDX.FM, The Portland Mercury and Things From Another World. This'll happen at the Bagdad with doors opening at 10:00 and the film starting at 11:00. Three bucks to get in. You also have to be 21 and older and, of course, in Portland. Sorry, terri_osborne. I'll cheer Harry Connick, Jr. in your stead, even though he's not my type. ;-)

Oh, and here's the real, Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts-made poster again.
iAm iSaid

Forever in blue jeans, yeah

I have blue jeans that I can wear in public again. This makes me happier than it should. Thanks, Goodwill!

(I have a pair of jeans I like, actually a tannish color instead of blue, but they have an embarrassing hole between the legs. So no wearing in places where I might be sitting down near people. I have no desire to show random people my underwear.)

Today seems like a blue jeans day. Oh, by the way, it's also a day off for me (still slow at work). I have some getting-about ideas I'll see about...