July 3rd, 2010

NCC-1701 Nebula 1

The week has caught up with me

This week, it's been a high-energy week. At least a high-revving week. And it caught up with me after I got home from Independence Day, futzed on the computer for a bit to wind down, went to sleep, and except for getting up once for the bathroom didn't get out of bed until Eleven Freakin' O'Clock.

This ALMOST NEVER happens. It's happened maybe three times in the past decade. Here's one time. It's rare enough that I blog about it.

Waking up at 11? Yeah, that's a hell of a sign that I needed that sleep.

Once I feel more awake and put-together, I have genuine social stuff to do, both today and later this long weekend. Worthy stuff is happening thanks to worthy people.
Good Omens

Last night!

Last night: Bagdad time, pre-Midnight Movie. Visited with friends. Got more congrats for winning the trip to San Diego Comic Con. Snapped this picture of Bobbie "Bobbie Girl" Winchell, Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts, Mike "Culture Pulp" Russell and Aaron "Geek in the City" Duran. Had tacos. Visited more. Watched, and cheered at, Independence Day -- it's a goofy, doofus-y, stupid movie that I still really, really like, and I LOVE how much the audience (a big one, too) got into it. Lots of cheering, whooping, fist-pumping, and salutes, and a lot of us recited "Welcome to Earf!" and mouthed along to Bill Pullman's speech. (Elegant touch: the movie reached "July 3rd" at almost exactly midnight, when the real July 2nd became the real July 3rd.) Walked/jogged home. Slept the sleep of the dead.

What's next? We'll find out! (Oh, by the way, next month's Midnight Movie will be Jurassic Park.)