July 11th, 2010


More remembrance for Mrs. Webb

Today is Mrs. Webb's memorial, 3,000 miles away in Virginia. Behind the cut is what I wrote for the memorial book, which Tarah is printing and delivering for me. Again, thanks, Tarah.

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Can't Stop the Sweat

I got to Trek in the Park this afternoon! And I can share a photo:

L to R: Me, Adam Rosko (as Capt. Kirk), Alison Hallett of the Portland Mercury, and Grant Peterson; photo by Mike Russell

Trek in the Park's version of "Space Seed" (the one that introduced Khan Noonian Singh, later of Wrath of Khan) was a BLAST; the Atomic Arts actors had fun and the audience (a good-sized one) had fun. I want this to do well enough to warrant a third year of Trek in the Park, because Atomic's planned-for episode for next summer would -- would also be a blast. (I'll avoid saying what it is for now.)

P.S. Today's show was chronicled in photos by The One True b!x. Hope you like the shots!