July 21st, 2010

Me 3

But if I got his pay...

Both I and my boss are amused that people on the phone are mistaking me for him.

My boss wants me to answer the phone "[company name], [boss's name]'s office," and several times -- including maybe half an hour after my boss and I had talked about it -- the caller immediately goes, "Hi, [boss's name], I'm..."

And, uh, no, PRETENDING TO BE MY BOSS IS NOT GOOD PHONE TECHNIQUE (though I'm sure it'd be hilarious in a comedy), so for a bit I started adding "This is Chris" to the end of the spiel. This led to the discussion. A discussion in which both of us were smiling.

So, again, back to "[company name], [boss's name]'s office." Even though the VERY NEXT CALLER said "Hi, Bart!"

If this happens with someone who knows my boss in reality, I'll go "Dude. Seriously. Let's change the spiel."

(By the way, hi to all of you who've started reading thanks to my post over in popfiend's Friending Frenzy. I'm sampling your journals a little bit at a time, seeing what I'd be getting into reading. I'm a slow adder. Still, hi!)
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