August 15th, 2010

Whale fluke


How long has it been since I'd washed my car? Too long. How long has it been since I'd hand-washed my car? Also way too long and I'm out of practice, but the car is a leeeetle cleaner now and that's good.

Stopped at the self-wash place at SE 26th and Holgate, because the poor thing was dingy. (It was dingy enough and used little enough that about two months ago my landlord gave me a note asking me to move my derelict car! I sent him a message: Dude, I do use it and that ended the issue of potential car eviction, but yeah, it was a reminder (one of a few) that I needed to get the poor thing washed.)

Didn't do all that good a job, but I HAD FUN DOING IT. High-pressure hoses equal comedy! I did go all Scarface and said "Say hello to my little friend!" (FYI, I haven't even seen Scarface), and -- a little more obscurely -- said "Marines! We are leaving" from James Cameron's Aliens. I scrubbed and rinses and scrubbed and rinsed and got some of the grime off the thing. Still, next time maybe I should leave the job to professionals. Or machines. Or hot cheerleaders. (Hey, I'm a straight male, just not always an obvious one.)
Blow My Mind

Points for Style

There was this couple I knew. Had issues with her, didn't know much about him but he seemed a nice guy, knew they were good parents so they had that going for them. They also had this:

He and she looked enough alike that more than one person asked if they were sister and brother. This annoyed them. How did they start expressing that? If someone asked them if they were siblings they'd say "Yes!" and then start furiously making out.

TMI: a good way to make people shut up.
Me 3

Family, and geek solidarity

Hitting the road later! Two destinations: the main one will be my parents' place in Dundee, because my brother's family -- my brother T.J., his wife Cindy, and their twin boys Robbie and Eric -- will be semi-settled in by then for a 10-day visit and this is my first chance to see them during that.

Before arriving there, I'll stop at a particular movie theater on the way and make sure I see, opening weekend, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. I'd first figured on seeing it next weekend, the way I waited to see Cloverfield, but my geek solidarity now asks me to make sure I see it its opening weekend -- kind of like how I made sure to see Star Trek last year for pay after seeing it for free at a preview. In this case, it's a comic book movie, it's apparently really good, it's based on a book that's published out of Portland (by Oni Press), and it looks like it can use more support. Thus, this.

But first, laundry must finish and I must feed myself...
Me 2 (B&W)

Extra dose of family!

Many meetings of many Walshes today. Or more than usual.

My brother's family safely made it to Mom and Dad's in Dundee, and tomorrow they'll hit the road for the coast. My nephews love the coast: Seaside, OR was their first exposure to it several years ago, and reportedly they ran to the ocean like it was the world's biggest puppy. They'll enjoy being back. Next weekend there'll be a shindig at Mom and Dad's so I'll be out that way again.

Back to today, not only did I make it to Dundee, but so did all of my cousins from Dayton, OR, including Jeff, who doesn't live there anymore. He lives in Manhattan, but he was making his annual summer trip. I didn't know he was back, but there he was, with his Winchester Brothers handsomeness, a tattoo I hadn't seen before, and an amused glint in his eye. His younger sister Cindy was also visiting, but that's easier to do, as she lives pretty close to Mom and Dad.

Wasn't expecting the house to have 11 Walshes all at once, but I am NOT complaining.
Cartoon Chris


I roared repeatedly at Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World. VERY satisfying experience. Insane movie. My kind of insanity.

Coherent thoughts may happen after I've slept on Kim Stacey Ramona it.
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