August 19th, 2010

Star Wars - Fly away...


I drove cars on three trips yesterday. Short ones, not the aborted one to Bend I mentioned last night. (Oy. Had that happened, I'd likely be waking up in Bend this morning.) Here's what I actually did Wednesday, car-wise:

Around 10:30 I got a call from a friend of my boss. She and my boss needed to pass along tickets they couldn't use for a play last night, so she asked me: Could I get them over to another office before lunch? Driving a company car turned out to be the best way to get there, and one was available, so I did so. Delivery #1 completed! And on the way back I parked so I could get a sandwich from Big-Ass Sandwiches, because by then it was lunch and I like supporting them.

(An extra reason: Big-Ass is one of several Portland food carts to do Third Wednesday, a charity fundraiser where their day's profits and tips go to a cause. Yesterday they were collecting again, this time for a local chapter of Planned Parenthood.)

I got back to the office and monitored stuff while eating -- it was a busy enough day that multitasking like that was needed -- then soon after 1:00 I did an errand on foot, to pick up something my boss had left behind at a lunch he'd returned to Portland for. We actually passed on the sidewalk, him on the phone, me with my notepad in case he needed to tell me something in passing.

The next car errand was at 2:00. Once my boss had left for his NEXT trip (he'd gotten back from a work session a company team had been doing in Salem -- confused yet?), I got a cab and rode up to my boss's home in the West Hills. He'd left a company car up there when he'd switched to his own car for his next trip, and I needed to retrieve the company car. My cab driver did the rare-for-me-so-far thing of making a wrong turn, while insisting he was on the right road. I got him turned around properly, and got back on the right road, and I got up to the house and saw the car. Got that back.

(And I'll admit that once I parked the car, a hybrid Camry by the way, in a company parking spot in our building's garage, I had, um, well, trouble turning it off. You don't stick a key into anything on this car, you just keep the key near you and the car senses it, so my usual cue for a car being off wasn't there and I wasn't pressing the big POWER button on the dash the right number of times. Finally got help from our office's car guru. At one point during these shenanigans I thought to myself This car is smarter than me.)

Finally about 4 o'clock was my final car errand. I told you about it already.

They're getting a lot of mileage out of me, on this job.