August 20th, 2010

Blow My Mind

Sorry, dream-leonardpart6

Apparently it was VERY important that Dream-Self and Dream-leonardpart6 meet for dinner. It was important enough that when I changed my mind and bailed from it while on the phone with him, I heard leonardpart6 start to say something. Something important. Apparently something important enough that after hanging up I changed my mind and made my way to the mall where we were going to eat, and found a large padded envelope that I somehow knew was from him and was important. Inside it was vintage material from a film version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz that was apparently made in both the 1930s and this decade. Oh, and the film showed that a gigantic edifice of a movie studio existed on Portland's Marquam Hill, even more imposing than the OHSU campus that's there now. We're talking Soviet Russia imposing. (Now I kind of wish it had been the Emerald City itself up on Marquam Hill. That would've been cool.)

That's Dream-Importance for you. IT JUST FELT IMPORTANT WITHOUT TELLING ME WHY. Dream-Me just knew.

Apparently there were no hard feelings between Dream-Me and Dream-leonardpart6, as at some point we met in person and hugged. Which also felt Important.

Still. Sorry for my rudeness, Dream-leonardpart6.

This entry will deal with whatever. ("...I said WHATEVER!")

Coming soon: my next chance to see if I can keep up with eight-year-olds! Family gathering Sunday, including my brother's branch of the Walshes: him, Cindy his wife, and their twin boys Robbie and Eric, about whom I've enthused before. I love that TJ and Cindy wanted two kids, and got two kids right off; he's the family efficiency expert!

For some reason I feel exclamatory. Even the icon has an exclamation point.

This morning we got to ease out of fifth gear at the office, and in fact for the first time this week I got out early. Still (at times) kind of a scrambling morning. Got receipts from several people's traveling sorted out and collected in expense statements. Also found that someone I report to really doesn't like filling out surveys.

I am regrowing my Van Dyke. This may make blubeagle smile. And somehow, it seems to narrow my face. Without it, my head somehow looks bigger. Blockier.

I like having money. That is all.

This weekend should be a temperate one. I like that.

Many friends of mine are now at the fifth annual Pi-Con. Have fun, you crazy kids! That's the convention I went to two years ago (here's one day of posts; and here's another; and here's a Pi-Con recap I wrote a while later). By the way, that was the convention where this happened. That still makes me grin.
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