August 26th, 2010

Whale fluke

James Cameron on revisiting Avatar: an interview by Mike Russell

Whoa (the good kind). Mike Russell interviewed James Cameron about the expanded version of Avatar, the evolution of filmmaking technology, the effort he and other consultants made to lessen the impact of the BP oil spill, and more. Here's where Cameron saw the first successfully photo-realistic shot of the film's Na'vi:
I remember sitting in the cutting room by myself -- everybody else had left -- and I was staring at the screen. It was a shot of Neytiri, a closeup of Zoe [Saldana]'s character. And I thought, "She's alive. This is a real person." And then I knew we could do it.

The challenge, of course, was that we still had to do about 2,200 shots. (Laughs.)
Lots more worthy talk at the link. Well done, Mike.
NCC-1701 Nebula 1

We're building a VAULT! And other work tidbits

Interesting day. (Possibly) uninteresting post. Got to deliver another proposal, and since it was delivered to the same place I delivered to two weeks ago, I knew the route. One of my supervisors said "But it would REALLY save my stomach lining if you Mapquested the directions," and I like people to have stomach linings, so print it out I did.

Nothing dramatic about the drive. I went there and I went back to work, though at least this time I knew the right door to enter at the place to deliver to so I didn't have to carry the box twice as far as I'd really needed to. (That happened last time. With a larger box I had to schlep.)

It's not always dramatic or glamorous, the work my company does. Our big victory this week was getting chosen to build a data vault. In several ways, this actually is a big deal: a broadband provider needs data-storage capacity, and chose us surprisingly quickly, so we made a good impression. We're getting good experience in this area, and as data vaults are very under-built in the States -- all sorts of companies need better electronic data-storage -- we're making a good impression quickly in an area that might yield quite a few more jobs. If we do well. Work begets work, ideally.

That's not all we're chasing, so it's been especially busy this week. Had I gone in Monday when I was worn-down, I would've been steamrolled by what's been going on, so it's extra good I took the day off. Since then, it's been busy, but also exciting with potential: We might get more good work. We feel good about our chances for certain jobs. It would be nice to be able to say what else we've won, but first we have to win them...