September 3rd, 2010


Sex Appeal

I used to have this poster.

Being a good horny heterosexual college guy, I had it in my dorm. I placed it high on the wall, though not as high as it was in the Santa Monica store where I bought it come summer '95. And even viewed directly on, like in this post, there's something...oblique about it. The result? People often didn't recognize who it was. Heck, when I first saw it it took me a moment to recognize her.

BUT -- people were drawn to it. Not even knowing who they were looking at. One fellow male dorm resident who dropped by looked at her and said "That woman is intensely beautiful."

That might be the definition of an X Factor when it comes to attraction. Once a female friend of mine asked, slightly flummoxed, "What is it with guys and Marilyn Monroe?" And I couldn't explain it. I still can't explain it.

This was mainly an excuse to dig up and save this image of Marilyn Monroe. I know you want to thank me.