September 15th, 2010


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Go to Imancipation (Flash required)

Click on "Galleries" or "Featured" on the top bar

Every image except the ones in the "People" gallery is on sale!

Simply add the ones you want as favourites by clicking the link at the bottom of the image, then click the shopping cart in the bottom right corner.

Shipping is a flat rate of £10 per order, rather than per picture, and everything is on sale!

Please buy or pimp!

I listen

Psst. Wanna know stuff?

I'm in a question-answerin' mood! If it's questions you have, questions I will receive! And then answer.

And in Edited To Add news, here's another icon of me: in this case, me as sketched by Mike "Culture Pulp" Russell, while we waited in the Bagdad Theater and Pub for the start of a Cort and Fatboy-hosted screening.
Cartoon Chris

"I'm a kid at heart!"

Survivor can make me giggle. Giggling is good, so I'll probably be watching.

Probst's reactions remain another of the show's pleasures. He can get a lot of power and humor out of just a look, like when the younger La Flor tribe showed up at the immunity challenge.

This crossed my mind, now that I can see Survivor through a Lost filter: The guy they're calling Fabio wishes he were Sawyer.

This might be an especially crazy cast. Let's see if that prediction fits.