September 24th, 2010

Whale fluke

Relevant to My Interests

Harlan Ellison posted this on Tuesday to the one website he posts to regularly:
- Tuesday, September 21 2010 19:29:58

I thought I'd make it. Did, damn close.

If you ever loved me or my work, Mad-Con this Friday is where I'll be. I am here in bed, and have been for some time. But I keep my promises. Pay your bills and be square with the world.

I will stay on the phone Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday, at the scheduled times for my "appearances," 'til I've answered every question asked from the Mad-Con floor. It'll all be professionally recorded, and you can buy a chit for the CD, which they'll duplicate soon after the convention. That, the movie, and the current Deep Shag CD of ON THE ROAD volume 4,
will be my strong third act goodbyes.

Do not lament.

How many guys do YOU know who died happy?

Be there with me this coming weekend. I'll give you a helluva convention. I promise. And I keep my word.

Yr. Pal, Harlan
All the best to you, Harlan.
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