October 13th, 2010

Captain Kris W'lash


Feel I need about a half-day's extra sleeping to be really caught up post-illness.

That's a big part of why I haven't posted much. Fret not, I'm still here, and trying to catch up. Two nights ago, my sleep wasn't that great -- and I was a PILL for much of Tuesday, really, you're glad you didn't hear me -- but last night was pretty good, restorative sleep-wise.

Can't really afford to take time off. Too busy at work this week. It's felt like 4 days of work packed into 3. And it's not done yet.

As I just talked rafaela's ear off about some of my recent job weirdness, that's kind of out of my system so I won't talk about it. (By the way, thank you for listening, Anna.) But trying, TRYING, to take care of myself, and to keep perspective, and to not let myself be driven crazy by campaign ads (holy granol-y it's a cranky election season), and to listen to good music, and to laugh, laugh, laugh at The Venture Bros. (they really were able to name a character Molotov Cocktease? I'm impressed), and to read when I have the brain to do so, and and and...

...and I'm going to try and take it easy again tonight.

Do your best for yourselves, all y'all.