October 14th, 2010

Blow My Mind

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Know how I said I needed about half a day's more sleep to catch up on my rest? GUESS WHAT I'M GETTING TODAY.

Felt fine, got to work, worked for a bit, then jogged (not ran, thank goodness) to the men's room and threw up (a little, but not in my mouth) and then said "Shite." (No, I did not throw up OH MY GOD DON'T SAY THAT CHRIS.) Wrapped up as hella-quickly as I could and bailed, and now I'm home with enough of a temperature (98.5, which for me actually is higher than normal) that I'm glad I can rest.

I have my work e-mail open for a bit just in case something last-minute comes up; it's a busy day at the office. (I was scheduled to drive my boss to the airport. Me in an enclosed space with my boss for half an hour? BAD IDEA. One we're not doing.)
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Me 2 (B&W)

"Turns out there IS rest for the wicked."

Time for sleep.

If there's a post while I'm sleeping, I will be MIGHTILY surprised.

But! I'm not asleep yet. Quick update, then, why not?

Felt good enough tonight to run an errand. Drove to the office (after 7, so street parking was free) and took care of some of what I didn't do in my scramble this morning to get home, and then I treated myself to drive-through at Burgerville. Actual conversation at the pay window:
Cashier: Do you want a Rewards Card?

Me: It'd be too butt-kissing to say "the food is enough reward." [pause] But I do like the food.
In unrelated news, my rhyming dictionary is sitting on my desk, easily accessible. Every job has a perfect tool.

Take care of yourself, and each other.