October 23rd, 2010

Whale fluke

Yes, I am this easily amused

This will MAKE NO SENSE to some of you. I apologize in advance.

I saw a car today and said what is said beneath this pic:


Disclaimer! That's not my photo (or my car), just something I Googled.
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Good Omens

Fun with sports.

Me on Twitter: I want zombie football.

My Twitter-friend Terry: Obviously, you haven't seen the Buffalo Bills this season.
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Flavored Calories.


This feels very Portland: I went out in the rain to eat at a late-night food cart.

This doesn't: I used an umbrella. *grins*

THAT was an hour well-spent. Walked up to Cartopia, the food cart pod at SE 12th and Hawthorne, and indulged in a Whiffies savory vegan curry pie. I'd gone up wanting something with meat, but the vegan curry description sold me. And it was good. Rain was light-ish on the way up; I appreciated that the pod had some canopies set up. Eating without thinking about getting rained on! I can get behind that.

I reached it at a good time, as one consequence of my not having had enough to eat this half of the day was asserting itself: my legs felt wobbly as I got to within a few blocks. I had this float-y feeling in my legs. Interesting sensation, but a sign that I needed to SIT and EAT.

I wasn't feeling flush enough to do what I'd like to sometime, which is cart-hop and get something over time from several carts. Pizzas, crepes, French fries, poutine (thanks to Potato Champion, which could and should have a jingle: "Weeeee're Potato Champion, my friends/ And we'll sling you good fries 'til the end..."), catfish po-boys, and Mexican food are all available there. And there's a coffee shop (Tiny's) around the corner that's open until 10:00 p.m., and with the mass of humanity that tends to show up at this pod it'd be a good place to wait, people-watch, and eat -- and eat -- and eat...

I like when I get to be enthused over food.

P.S. The last time I ate at Cartopia was June 20th, the night of the Naked Bike Ride. So glad that that wasn't tonight.