November 8th, 2010

Blow My Mind


OK, how seriously to take therealljidol?

As much reading as I felt I could manage: done. First vote (as I'd missed voting in the non-binding Week 0 poll): done. Resolution to start reading entries more quickly so I have more time to think about whether or not to vote for them: done. Resolution to write quicker than I did in Week 1: probably a good idea, especially since I'd prefer not to read other LJ Idol entries until after I've written mine.

Nothing major caused it, but life-stuff got between me and my desire to write and read quickly, so the past few days have been a semi-scramble to read more. My vote's done, so I can see that I'm doing...okay in the poll. And Week 2, whatever its topic will be, I should be able to tackle in a calmer fashion. Keep up the good writing, a lot of you!

Now it's a good idea for me not to worry too much about my position in the poll. Be poised to move on to what's next, writing-wise. Looking forward to more of this. Be up to my usual writing here, too. But it felt right to check in.

Okay, night can mean sleep. So let's.
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