November 9th, 2010

NCC-1701 Nebula 1

That Thing Called Sleep

Awake-ish. A little punchy. Hoping my sleep schedule gets a little more regular, because the last couple of nights haven't felt restorative enough.

I should be warm enough for good sleep. I found that it can help to wear a sweatshirt to bed, for more of that warmth, and I did that last night. (I don't control my apartment's heat, and for at least part of last night the place was a little on the cool side.) But I've awakened at early, weird-for-me times the last couple of nights. In and out of sleep.

I haven't been exerting enough in the evenings. I can do more of that. Quick walks. And I know to walk carefully, post-end of Daylight Savings Time. Bright yellow coat, you are my friend.

Anyway. Work on this I will.

Make today better...

One of those occasional pleas

But while I mainly deal with getting not quite enough sleep, good friends of mine are getting shit-storms thrown at them. Sadness-causing events. Energy-sapping events. Brain-chemistry-messing-with-you moments, where even if good stuff is happening the mind doesn't accept that.

I'm thinking of a lot of you and wanting you to get past the sad and get to better.

Meanwhile, Universe, really. Behave better.

The best kind of vague post

Something good happened yesterday to someone good.

And the happy family news reached me tonight.

I needed that smile about that news that something good happened yesterday to someone good.


In other news, my day was decent. Which was an improvement over my rather emo morning.

It still helped to learn of something good.

Sometimes -- the right things take place.