November 14th, 2010

TOS: NCC-1701

Lean on me

Going back to Thursday. Long, reasonably productive day after Wednesday, which had been a long, seemingly not all that productive day. And that had worn on me. After work Thursday I retreated went to Backspace, a computer/cafe/repair place where a friend works, and got online to listen to the rest of Cort and Fatboy and Company's commentary on Planes, Trains and Automobiles. I needed to laugh.

Also meeting at Backspace that night was a geek conflation. I saw Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts, Adam "Captain Kirk" Rosko, Elisabeth Forsythe (one of the Things From Another World people who helped arrange my trip to San Diego), and others. Including some guys I in my tired state blanked on, leading later to my Twitter comment "Note to self, Chris: get better at recognizing *everyone*, not just women you find cute." (Sorry, guys.)

Also there, it turned out, was my friend Kara, a.k.a. ShinyFab of local Firefly/Serenity fandom (she works on the Portland Can't Stop the Serenity charity events). She also was tired. After the group finished one meeting and was milling around before another, Kara and I gravitated to each other and said hi. And commented on how tired each of us looked.

I wish I had a photo of what happened next, because usually Kara and I hug when we say goodbye but we both were holding stuff (I was about to write "had occupied hands," but that might imply SOMETHING ELSE and she's happily married, so people, don't go there) so the two of us leaned on each other's shoulders. And stayed there. "Like an arch," she said.

It was surprisingly comforting.

"Nobody likes weepy meat."

The amazing co-creator of Big-Ass Sandwiches, Brian Wood, is not only a maker of satisfying food, but a sayer of satisfying (and often ear-blistering) thoughts. His also-amazing wife Lisa Wood started putting them on their cart's Twitter feed as "Shit Brian Wood Says," as she firmly believes -- AS DO I -- that what he's saying is funnier than what's on Shit My Dad Says.

And now their friend Bella Devil has created
(Warning: graphic language, which is another thing Brian's good at!)

I inspired one of the things Brian said. I won't tell you which one.
Whale fluke

There. That helps.

Voice In Head: You have too much stuff.

You have too much stuff.


Oh, and: you need to clean. At least vacuum. And at least some dusting.

Me, Possessor Of Said Head: *piles much stuff on bed*



*looks at bed covered in stuff*

...and suddenly, it was MUCH easier to be ruthless about getting rid of things. Some trashed; some in recycling receptacles; some in folders, the correct folders in not necessarily the correct order but the priority was getting them out, of, the, way.

Now: more room. And less dust. And a sense of some accomplishment.