November 24th, 2010

Whale fluke

And I think somewhere I saw Dream-Scarlett Johansson. But just *saw* her. Oh well.

Why would the vast majority of northeast New Mexico be covered in giant lakes?

I mean, just because a map I dreamed about -- a really detailed dream-map -- said so?

Let's see: per a real-world map, northeast New Mexico has rivers and some lakes, but we were talking near-Great Lakes-sized bodies of water. THIS MUST HAVE MEANT SOMETHING. So was me being in some warm part of the world (not necessarily this new version of New Mexico; it seemed more tropical and tree-laden than that) which, like Northwestern Washington, often uses ferries for commutes.

Whatever it was, it was a very functional dream: me and others doing stuff. Going places and doing things, or at least seeming like we were accomplishing stuff, and feeling warm while doing it. It was easier to accept when I was asleep and warm. Now I'm facing a morning during Portland's first Arctic blast of the season, a morning where it's maybe 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and warmth seems very especially important. The real world's going to require a cap and maybe a scarf. Because warmth is even more important when you're awake.
Me 1


Soon there will be family, and food, and football. That'll happen tomorrow. I'm at my place tonight, decompressing. This half-week of work went all right; the previous two weeks were, on balance, crazy and draining. Can't tell you why, but that's the nature of the job.

Nicely, I got to leave the office early today, just after noon. I hung out at the library for an hour after that; it didn't hit me how tired I was until I got walking towards my bus stop.

Thus, a nap's already happened. (EXCITING.) Time for a few days without need for an alarm.

Soon -- after a night's sleep, natch (do people say "natch," or just write it? Saying it doesn't sound right) -- driving will occur. It's 30 miles to my parents' place, and I have non-major route ways to get there if traffic is nuts.

Let's make this a good, and relaxing, Thanksgiving.
Blow My Mind

My brain, ladies and gentlemen.

My brain, ladies and gentlemen, imagined the scene in My Fair Lady where Audrey Hepburn is learning enunciation, but instead of "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain," Audrey Hepburn says "You and me, baby, ain't nothin' but mammals -- so let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel!"

And Rex Harrison would go "Do it again now!"

(He really would.)

My brain, ladies and gentlemen.

Maybe a leeeeettle more context, people:

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