December 4th, 2010

Me 1

Actually, the streak is still a-streaking

As this is a place where it'd be especially bad to lie, I will put this message here now: Last night? Things changed after this. And, non-fevered, I bussed up to the Bagdad and got to the special extended Cort & Fatboy Midnight Movie, this time with their "Faces of Meh" live show. I did NOT want to miss it. And I didn't have to, though I didn't hug anyone this time. I also split maybe a quarter of the way into Scrooged (around when Buster Poindexter as the Ghost of Christmas Past showed up). More writing about that later. Still, YAY! I made it!

Oh, and P.S.? Tip your cabbies well. You want cabbies on your side.