December 23rd, 2010

Whale fluke


Can we remember the term "consenting adults"? Can we remember that that encompasses a couple who enjoy feet? Can we remember that they're not hurting anyone by doing what they're doing and don't deserve to be "Gotcha"'d and embarrassed about it?

To quote writer Nina Bargiel, "1) a QB who tortures dogs 2) a QB who [allegedly] rapes women 3) a head coach who likes feet. ONE OF THESE ISN'T A SCANDAL. Jesus H Prudes" (Bargiel went into a little more detail here.)

I'm already rooting for (among other teams) the Jets. Why don't I root for them more? (Sorry, slipjig, I was already gonna root for them to beat Chicago.)
Good Omens

THIS is what excites me about Transformers 3

Which is that good writer and good guy Peter David is writing the novelization.

In fact, he's already turned it in to the publisher. He added "This is my first really sustained involvement with the Transformers and I didn’t realize what a fun bunch of characters they can be."

One fan commented "It would be great if they had Peter Cullen do an audiobook reading of your novel." PLEASE, WORLD, LET THAT HAPPEN. Or, if it doesn't, I can read it in my attempted Peter Cullen impression. (Still trying to imitate him, at least him as Optimus Prime. Still can't quite manage it.)
Flavored Calories.

"Catsup" is an ugly word...

...for something edible.

"Catsup," as far as I'm concerned, isn't even needed. Was ketchup trademarked by somebody, like Dumpster? (Really. Means that the word has to be capitalized. greygirlbeast had used the word in the submitted draft of her novel Low Red Moon and when her publisher said she had to capitalize it, she used another word. Was annoyed, because to her "Dumpster" just doesn't look right, but she preferred to change it instead of using what could be called a "corporate" word.)

*Googles* Apparently not. Ketchup and catsup just exist, though Spell Check recognizes "ketchup" and not "catsup."

Maybe I don't like the implied "made with cats!" in the one version of the word.

This entry brought to you by food. I've eaten well today. When I've been hungry, I've been able to take care of that. I hope you can, too.