Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

In touch

Progress. Slow progress, but progress. Monday I sent a few more job applications. Today (Tuesday), I was social, too. My friend Matt, who I've known since 2001, took me to a nice breakfast at the Arleta Library Café, a well-liked brunch place near where I live. It's not far from where he and his family live, and they go there regularly. I'd only been there once before, back in 2014 not long after I'd moved to the neighborhood, and at the time I felt that I'd want to go there with companions. At least one companion, in this case.

I've been reminding myself: it's easier to keep in touch than I sometimes act like it is. Arranging to have breakfast with Matt was part of that. I've also been sending general "What's up?" messages on Facebook Messenger, particularly to the people I know who are new or recent parents: it's harder for them to be social, due to the massive adjustment having a new or new-ish kid at home. So we can use technology for good.

(I also can use technology better: I've figured out how to capitalize letters on my new phone's texts. IT WASN'T OBVIOUS, UNDERSTAND.)

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