January 2nd, 2011

Captain Kris W'lash

Some work to do now

Dream, dream, dream, dream...

(Yeah, you're warned. I don't go for those "it was all a dream!" horse apples.)

In last night's dream, things had to move. I got stuck behind one of those half-doors that go up to about waist-level as dozens and dozens of people -- including shadesong and the cast of Drawn Together (no, not even I'm gonna ask about that. You shouldn't, either) -- moved things out of a room, and moved things, and moved more things than should have been possible to come out of even one large room. (The building I was in seemed like a large summer camp's dining hall. Very cabin-like and large.) Seemingly endless moving, all this effort passing in front of me, and there I was, not able to help but trying to extricate myself so I could. Or so I could at least get somewhere else.

I'm not remembering what Somewhere Elses I wound up at, but I know I did.

So. Morning.