January 18th, 2011

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Some of us track this

Every few years, KINK FM 101.9 does "KINK A to Z," playing its playlist in alphabetical order.

When I first heard this in November 2001, the station needed three weeks to go through its entire playlist (admittedly with such songs as "Abacab" by Genesis and The Beatles's "Revolution No. 9," stuff that would almost never get played otherwise). A few years later, the station did it again in two weeks. It's started again this morning, leading off with Bonnie Raitt's "About to Make Me Leave Home" (as I write this, it's reached "Accidentally In Love" by Counting Crows). DJ Dave Scott has said this run-through will take "a week and change."

My not-very-inner music dork, the part of me that wants to wallow in deep cuts, is a little disappointed. There'll still be deep cuts and less likely songs in this run-through -- Lyle Lovett's "Acceptable Level of Ecstasy" played a little bit ago -- but the station didn't even play Nirvana's "About a Girl." (I figured the version from Nirvana Unplugged in New York would still be on the playlist. The original 1989 version, I wouldn't expect.)

I'll say this is like when B.J. Novak showed that Cadbury eggs really had gotten smaller.

Am I overreacting about this? Tell me!

For a friend

Thinking of you, dear.

Trust me, you are dear. To a lot of us.

(A friend is having...a really bad night. Don't feel I should say anything more.)
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