January 19th, 2011

Whale fluke

No news is...no news.

Spoke briefly with my friend through e-mail last night. (One of my replies: "Thank you for your message. I wouldn't be surprised if replying was something you did not want to do, but you reached out, and that's a good sign." Please let that continue to be a good sign.)

Otherwise, I've heard nothing from my friend. So I have to just keep hoping, and keep my friend in my thoughts. (I think it's best for now to be vague about which friend I'm referring to.)

7:00 a.m. addition: My friend's cell phone inbox is full.
Whale fluke

(no subject)

Long day. Tired. Tired with stuff to think about, stuff that I hope will be easier to think about once I'm not tired.

At most skimmed my online haunts today, due to lack of brain. Even had a blank moment at work that took me a couple of seconds to break out of. (You could've filmed me and put the sound of someone saying "Duurrrrrrrrr" over the footage and it would've fit.) So. For now, that's that.

See you when, I hope, I'm more awake.
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