January 22nd, 2011

TOS: NCC-1701

*peeks out* Is this the weekend?

THAT was a day of work at a job of work. (Interesting term, "job of work.") Yep, a full day at the office, darting and jumping, often with lots of food and coffee in my hands and dangling from bags on my arms. At least I could do this in sneakers and a T-shirt instead of hard shoes and a button-down.

But! All that darting and jumping was productive, and needed, and (mostly, usually) appreciated.

In about an hour I get to go to a birthday party. PARTIES ARE NEEDED. So's food, so I'm glad there was extra food I'd ordered, because I grabbed one of the box lunches our team had had for the last couple of days.

And tomorrow can be devoted to sleep and football, if I decide it should be so. You?