February 2nd, 2011

Whale fluke

What do you do? What do you feel about what you do?

Yesterday, I got a lot done...but I had to remind myself at day's end that I had.

It hadn't felt like a productive day. It had felt herky-jerky: Something comes up, I do it, something else comes up in the midst, I need to refocus on that, I complete that then make progress on the earlier thing (and another earlier thing). It was that kind of day.

May I be productive and feel productive at the same time?
Me 3

Your childhood, de-ruined!

Unnecessary censorship once gave us this bit of hilarity,

but until now I didn't know that that clip still exists in unadulterated form:

(It's a 1973 Sesame Street bit. It's as old as me.)

Original clip courtesy of bonnie_rocks, who's Bonnie and who rocks.
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Whale fluke

She waved to this whale while she flew past

A better, more manageable day than yesterday. This is good.

Also good: my mom's safely made it SEVERAL THOUSAND MILES. She reached Guam. This is not as random as that sounds: we have family there, her youngest sister Nancy Weare and her husband, my Uncle Bill Weare. February is, it turns out, generally a good time to visit Guam. Her and Aunt Nancy's parents visited Guam, too, back in 1989, and Mom's wanted to go for years. Go Mom!

And go Dad! He's spending the next month seriously remodeling part of his and Mom's house. He's happily doing his thing, she's happily doing her thing.
Good Omens


My building's dryer? Is apparently now superpowered.

Before? A regular load needed 70 minutes of drying and sometimes more than that. Now I've done laundry two nights in a row -- mainly work clothes yesterday, three sets of towels today -- and, when both loads came out well-nigh crispy after 55 minutes, wondering Whoa, is lightning striking in there? Or did a Sith Lord shot those bolts of electricity out of his fingers and into that dryer? IF I PUT ON THESE CLOTHES NOW, I WILL BURST INTO FLAMES.

So. Next time, Chris, use Medium Heat. It won't scare you.