February 7th, 2011

Whale fluke

Be positive

The newspaper's computer log-in system had very specific requirements for a password. It had to have three letters, then a number, then four more letters. It would've fit to use the password "xyz9lmno," or "LOL6LMAO," come to think of it, but still: very specific.

My editor admitted his password was "you2dumb." I never liked that. Type that every day and it might reinforce the wrong idea; why do that? So, my response was, I made up the password "try2love."

I hope I keep doing that.
NCC-1701 Nebula 2

But at least y'all thank your bus driver

Portland transiteers,

We are too well trained.

We have all those TriMet buses that go to the Transit Mall, through downtown on SW 5th southbound and SW 6th northbound. This means getting us to downtown destinations and/or to a place where we can switch from one bus to another, or to a light rail train or a streetcar -- really, it's a pretty sweet system --

-- yes, I'm being basic here, but for a point --

-- and a lot of us seem to forget that the buses have to stop.

You do not need to pull the "next stop" cord, because the drivers are required to stop at each stop that's designated for that line. The bus will stop five or six times on either 5th or 6th the length of downtown. It's to ensure proper transfers and line regularity and good stuff like that.

If, somehow, by some brain fart, the bus driver forgets to stop, THEN you'd have an issue. But the driver will then stop a block or two off that designated stop. Or maybe not stop until the next designated stop for the 19 or 44 or whatever, which is -- wait for it -- NOT THAT FAR ALONG, as Portland's downtown is a relatively small downtown with short blocks.

Get off those fabled lengths of street, and yep, THEN you should be sure to be ready to pull the cord, because for the vast swaths of area covered by TriMet routes, not every stop will be needed. (Heck, now I'm wondering if there are any stops where no bus has stopped ever. That's...sort of sad. But the stop doesn't mind. If it did, it could be a children's book. The Loneliest Curb! Sad Sidewalk! The Stop No One Wanted!)

But. Not in the heart of the whole system.

Really. The driver won't forget.

People who transit-ize in other cities: this happen there too?
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