February 16th, 2011

NCC-1701 Nebula 2

The view of the weather

Ah. Weather. We've had all of it. Or a lot of it.

Portland got snow flurries mixed with rain this morning, and when I saw the flakes bouncing outside my office's wall of windows, I needed a moment to figure out what I'd seen. Are those bugs? I thought. Yes, my thoughts went to clouds of infesting flies before they went to snow, because maybe I am just that tired of winter weather and don't want to think about it. So. No apocalypse, which is good, because if the bugs had been that thick 21 stories above Portland? TROUBLE.

And after that we had straight rain, then just damp air, not too cold, and in the afternoon we even had a healthy chunk of blue sky. Then we had to say goodbye to it, like Pink Floyd did, and rain and mist moved through in waves. These backlit the Willamette River in a way I hadn't seen before, so that to the north of my building, the NW Portland cranes along the river stood out in contrast to the rain-caused obscuring whiteness that blocked the view of the opposite shore. Neat visual.

By tomorrow morning, the rain I've heard on and off tonight could turn into snow, with the weather getting cold enough for black ice. Walking will be careful walking (not fancy walkin') in the morning, even if it doesn't get that cold.
Berthold Run

Oh, TV, my mistress

I am not proud. I ignored the phone in favor of the premiere of Survivor: Redemption Island. Holy crap, the inter-personal dynamics on this season are going to be NUTS.

And what, Impressive Man-Sweater+ is not trending yet on Twitter? *grins*

+ Contestant Ralph took off his shirt to get into overalls, and revealed copious body hair. Contestant -- David, is it? I'm still learning the names -- said "...and you have the most impressive man-sweater I have ever seen."