February 21st, 2011

Me 2 (B&W)

My weekend words

Good morning, fellow readers.

Quickly before work, I wanted to link to some of what I wrote this weekend.

Like this odd ramble about the moon.

And special trips I've made recently to make sure I stay in the habit of doing helpful things.

And how, in response to rm's essay about bullying behavior in fandom, I wrote my own thoughts about how we could be better than that. As I put it, "When Spike is better at feeling empathetic and protective towards Dawn than a lot of people, something might be wrong."

More re: bullying at "Once More With Feeling"

Further words from rm, who thought more about the bullying incident she saw at a weekend "Once More, With Feeling" sing-along and wrote a follow-up:
So let’s recap:

- Women bashed a female character for telling the truth;
- Men then enforced the ability of those women to do that and while mocking a young fan who may have been legally a child;
- Afterward, instead of going to see if the kid was all right (because this is our con, our fandom, our community...), people went up to her to reinforce their perception that she and her feelings were wrong and used their status (age and gender) to do so.

After this experience, I think we perhaps need fewer OMWF singalongs and more group showings of “The Pack.”