March 1st, 2011


"Stay calm! All is well!"

Now, the Cort and Fatboy Midnight Movie is probably the best film National Lampoon ever gave us:

Animal House was made at the University of Oregon (and trust me, we Ducks are very proud of that) because other colleges' presidents read the script and said some variation of "No." Here, have some other trivia.

As per usual, it's at the Bagdad on Friday, with doors at 10:00 and the film at 11:00. 21 and older, $3 to get in. For various reasons, I will not be drunk or fat that night, though stupid might happen.
Sally Salt Disgusted

I'm no fun right now.

I'm maybe half an hour away from going to bed. Not even totally sure why I'm tired, but I can do something about it. Time to slow down and wind down.

Have fun, everyone reading this. I plan and hope to have fun mentally while going snooooooooooooze.

(Substance will happen again. Especially if I figure out how to blog while sleeping.)